Does your son or daughter love to watch the Paw Patrol program? And you've been asked to be the subject of your birthday party, but are you out of ideas? Here are ideas and photos to give you a rocking party.

The Paw Patrol television show is such a hit with kids who love to watch dog puppies and all their adventures, it's natural that Paw Patrol birthday parties are very popular with younger kids, especially boys. .
Here you will find food decorating ideas, Paw Patrol room decorations, party favors, cakes and more to help make your celebration a success. 
We'd love to see your photos of the Paw Patrol party decoration, so please send us your photos and we'll be happy to share it on our web site!

See our suggestions! And have a nice party! 

1. Paw Patrol Table
A great way to start your Paw Patrol birthday by betting on decorating the candy table.
The back paw scenery is so much fun and so easy to get off the net. Just a blank sheet of paper or card and add as many footprints as you like. Very easy!

2. Paw Patrol Cup Cakes
These decorated cupcakes are very easy to make. Just decorate the cupcakes with footprints made from American paste. Tell me if it's not practical and if they don't look beautiful!

3. Paw Patrol Cake
The cake is the most important factor in any party, besides the clear birthday boy! Choose together, after all the birthday boy's taste is very important to make this day a memorable one!

4. Cookies with Paw Patrol Characters
Which child doesn't like cookies? And if they are decorated with favorite characters then it's gold over blue! These cookies decorated with Paw Patrol characters will delight the birthday boy and his guests.

5. Cake Pops Paw Patrol
Another sweet that delights kids and adults are cake pops. Tell me if these are not beautiful!

6. Paw Patrol Guest Table
On a par with the candy table, the guest table is also a very important point when deciding the decoration of your party. After all, the birthday boy and his guests will be there for a long time.

7. Arco de Balões Patrulha Pata
One trend that has been consolidating is the balloons decoration. Why not make a balloon bow to decorate the table as shown in the image below, or even to decorate the entrance of the party. This type of decoration that makes the delights of kids and adults!

8. Centro de Mesa Patrulha Pata
And why not create the centerpieces inspired by each of the characters? It will be a guaranteed success.

9. Paw Patrol Invitation
When we think of so many details to make the party memorable, sometimes invitations get forgotten among so much. So be sure to add to the list of invitations to do. We leave you a link where you can download a free invitation that you can later customize!

10. Paw Patrol Party Favors
Give your guests a souvenir to take home to make the party even more memorable. What do you think about this? Take-away sweets!

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