LOL Surprise themed birthday party - here are the best ideas to delight!
Photos and decorating ideas, LOL Surprise balloon bow, LOL Surprise cake, party favors and more

Our goal in compiling a list of several amazing LOL Surprise-themed girl birthday party proposals is to help you with the not always easy task of organizing a birthday party.
This theme originated in a toy consisting of a small ball containing a doll (surprise) inside. This toy went viral and girls around the world started ordering LOL Surprise on their birthday.

With the LOL Surprise theme there are many ideas you will find that will meet every budget. From the most sophisticated to the simplest parties, they will help celebrate this moment in order to create fantastic memories for your little doll.
Here are several LOL Surprise party decorating ideas that will help you make the decision.

A key of any party is the cake. Also the LOL Surprise cake can be more complex or simpler without losing the intended effect, which is the surprise effect for your daughter. See some LOL Surprise cake options.

Another important mater is candies like Cake Pops and decorated cookies. There are several options to inspire and delight the kids (and now the big ones too!).

A strong trend in children's birthday party decorations is the use of balloons to create wonderful effects. With the theme LOL Suprise could not be different, and balloons are a good choice of very versatile and cheap decoration. If you have some time left you can easily make this decoration yourself. If you are not so comfortable working with this type of material, do a search on the internet and you will find several videos explaining how to make this type of decoration. If you wish you can choose the services of a professional. Now choose and get to work!

When you have a tighter budget and are looking for ideas for a LOL Surprise girl's birthday party that fit this one, the idea is to bring in the details you can make yourself. Here are some decorating ideas for a cheap LOL Surprise birthday party!
Get inspired! And have a good party!

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