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Get inspiration for your kids next birthday party.

For a long time, rectangular panels reigned absolute. Not that they have been outdated, but now they share space with the round panels

Setting up a kid's party is always a lot of fun, we get back to being a kid. A themed party always requires special care in the details, every item makes a difference in decoration. So focus on  the theme most commonly used at children's parties: Mickey Mouse.

Princess-themed parties have always been extremely popular with girls, especially younger girls. See 20 creative ideas for the Princess Party Cake.

Does your son or daughter love to watch the Paw Patrol program? And you've been asked to be the subject of your birthday party, but are you out of ideas? Here are ideas and photos to give you a rocking party.

We’re committed to help you find the perfect venue for your party.

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At venuepick you can find the perfect venue for your kids birthday party. Having a birthday party for a child is a big responsibility. We need to make a memorable moment that makes all children feel happy.

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